Memory Care Senior Living

Magnolia Manor in Americus, GA

Award winning Magnolia Manor in Americus provides specialized memory care with dementia-specific programs and quality care provided by our caring and dedicated staff. As Alzheimer's progresses, we offer support in the form of education and pastoral counseling through our trained staff and family support groups.

Our Mattie H. Marshall Center offers state-of-the-art accommodations in a loving, Christian environment. We take all the necessary precautions to keep your loved one safe with access-controlled areas, 24-hour certified nursing staff, emergency call buttons in each room, and an enclosed outdoor courtyard.

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Mattie H. Marshall Center

Memory Care

Mattie H. Marshall Center provides specialized memory care in state-of-the-art accommodations. From the physical design of the interior and exterior spaces to the in-home assessment performed prior to admission, the Mattie H. Marshall Center differs from other memory-care providers. With dementia-specific programs and quality care provided by caring staff, each individual receives the specialized attention they deserve. As Alzheimers progresses, we offer support in the form of education and pastoral counseling through our trained staff and family support groups.

  • Access-Controlled Area
  • 24-Hour Certified Nursing Staff
  • Emergency Call Button in Each Room
  • Enclosed Outdoor Courtyard
  • Spacious Indoor Walking Path

This Month's Activity Calendar

Memory Care Activities

Because residents at the Mattie H. Marshall Center are at different stages of dementia, our activities director organizes group activities for those at similar levels. No one gets left out. Residents particularly like bingo, and if someone needs help placing their markers, then they get that help so they can continue to play along.

Domestic chores are another common activity because Alzheimer’s patients often remember things they routinely did around the house or at work. So our staff works with residents to fold and sort laundry, or pair socks or other domestic exercises. If a resident worked as a secretary, then we might sit her down at a desk with a notepad and pen. These activities help with cognitive function and also help maintain small muscle and hand-eye coordination.

Music is often an important presence for dementia patients because it evokes older memories. Our memory care residents all love music, especially older songs. Oftentimes they can’t remember what’s happening now, but they remember plenty from their younger days. They can sing the songs from their youth all the way through.

For memory care patients with a strong faith, those beliefs still resonate. Our on-site chaplain comes to do devotions, sing spiritual songs with the residents and perform services twice a week. Our dedicated staff assists by reading scripture or devotions to residents who can no longer read the Bible on their own.

A Community within a Community

Our Americus campus is very community-oriented, like a family. Americus itself is a small town, and our residents are often involved with the schools and local organizations. We aim to not only build strong relationships among residents and staff, but we also strive to create meaningful connections with businesses, churches, and schools, like Georgia Southwestern, that surround our campus.