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Magnolia Manor Blog

Georgia Independent Living Programs - the Freedom for Fuller Lives

Posted by Magnolia Manor on
December 23, 2019

senior independent living in georgia

As age inevitably takes its toll, seniors find themselves increasingly limited by the rigors of their daily responsibilities. Tasks and basic chores that were once quite easy to tackle can become insurmountable obstacles depending on a senior’s health, injuries, or the state of their mental faculties. As more mundane daily duties become a struggle, extracurricular activities rapidly drop off even further, as seniors simply lack the time or energy to enjoy life like they once did.

This can create a cycle of isolation and mental/physical deterioration, greatly impairing a person’s quality of life. Not to mention that if a senior can’t handle things like household chores on a regular basis, their environment can quickly become unsafe and unsanitary, increasing the risk of injury or illness that further reduces their wellbeing.

That’s why Magnolia Manor provides nonprofit independent living in Georgia, giving aging citizens the chance to continue experiencing fulfilling lives while enjoying significant relationships, intellectual pursuits, fun hobbies, and making the most of their golden years.

senior independent living georgiaThe Joys of Independent Living
Switching to independent living is a significant transition, but can establish a new foundation of healthy living and active calendars that a senior wouldn’t have been able to experience on their own, or even under the care of family and friends at home.

Within Magnolia Manor’s senior independent living communities, senior care is the sole focus of all of our campuses, events, and activities. Seniors are freed from the growing burdens of household chores, yard work, and home maintenance. Medical care is more readily available, and all manner of services and social opportunities become immediately accessible.

Keeping the Human Connection Alive
Through independent living social calendars, just like those Magnolia Manor makes available to its residents, seniors are able to establish and maintain the vital relationships the housing community offers. Vibrant conversation and lasting friendships are just a few of the benefits these types of senior living activities offer, connecting seniors with others residents while also letting them interact with housing staff, medical professionals, and those with their best interests in mind.

senior independent living georgiaPlaying it Safe
With age comes a higher risk of injury or health complications when seniors engage in unsafe activities or attempt to keep up past exercise and sports training programs without taking their physical conditions into account. When an activity is run within a senior independent living facility in Georgia, however, there is consistent oversight of the physical exertion being made as well as environmental factors to ensure participants are kept safe. Health regulations are adhered to without fail, and should it be required, medical attention is immediately accessible through our staff.

Boosting Activity Levels
Mental and physical acuity see ongoing decline with seniors, despite all measures to the contrary. However, this progression can be slowed as seniors have the chance to stay active in a wide variety of ways. The longer a senior is empowered to keep their independence, the more they’re able to remain engaged and the less immediate decline they tend to observe.

At the same time, while seniors enjoy independent living, they have the peace of mind knowing assistance is on hand should it ever be required.

Magnolia Manor independent living communities provide an ongoing rotation of programs and activities that keep seniors enjoying their daily routines and keeping their social calendars full of engaging events. Here are some examples:

senior independent living georgiaAmericus Independent Living
  • Weekly - Coffee Social, Bible Study, Bridge & Worship Service
  • Twice a Month - Nutrition Class & Bingo
  • Once a month - Guest Speaker - selected by Resident Council
  • Bimonthly - Resident Council Meeting
Macon Independent Living
  • Weekly - Walmart, Kroger, Library, Hydro Therapy, Walking Club, Wellness, Bible Study, Prayer Group, Sunday Worship, & N. Johnson Sunday School Class
Moultrie Independent Living
  • Weekly - Church Service, Chapel, Exercise, Band, Bingo, Pet Therapy, Beauty Shop, Walmart, Painting, Chapel Service, Mystery Ride
  • Monthly - Dine Out
senior independent living georgiaRichmond Hill Independent Living
  • Weekly - Bingo, Trivia/Wheel of Fortune, Crafts, Movies, Morning Devotion, Women’s Bible Study
  • Monthly - Dinner Club and Shopping Club
St. Marys Independent Living
  • Weekly - Church Service, Piano with Ginny L, Zumba Toning Gym, Men’s and Women’s Bible Discussion, Lexie the Poodle, Afternoon Hair Appointments, Musical Therapy Pups, Communion, Remy the Pup, Devotional with Chaplain Dan Krupp, Zumba Class, Walmart, Bingo
  • Twice a Month - Independent Living Resident Meeting
St. Simons Independent Living
  • Weekly - Church Transport, Worship Service, Lobby Games, Poker, Courtesy Cart, Strong Seniors Exercise Class, Spanish Lessons, Bingo, Shopping Trip, Kings in the Corner, Rummikub
  • Twice a Month - Wine and Cheese Social & Piano with Jerry
  • Monthly - Karaoke Friday senior independent living georgia

And much more!

Want to Learn More about Independent Living?
If you’re considering a retirement community for yourself or a loved one, we invite you to come for a visit. Join residents for a tasty lunch in our dining room. Call us at 1-855-540-LIFE (5433) to get a personally guided tour from one of our friendly staff members. And ask questions, lots of questions.

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