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Magnolia Manor Blog

Top Program and Agency Resources for Seniors

Posted by Magnolia Manor on
March 23, 2020

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There is an unfortunate misconception that as one gets older, the community resources and programs geared toward assisting seniors dwindle. Just the reverse is true! In the latter years of life, there are an increasing number of programs and systems in place dedicated solely to helping improve the quality of seniors’ lives. Not only that, but many exist for the purpose of giving seniors more years of independent living despite chronic health issues, injuries, or other ailments.

Knowing what resources are there, though, can be a challenge. If you simply don’t take the time to look around, it may seem like nothing is readily available. At Magnolia Manor, we aim to give seniors access to as many options as possible so they can choose which programs best fit their needs, as well as which resources are close at hand to enhance their daily routines and social interactions.

Here are just a handful of the best program and agency resources that are worth a look:

aarpAmerican Association of Retired Persons (AARP) - Anyone 50 years or older can join the AARP, which is a national organization dedicated to helping aging citizens experience their best life in their later years. By becoming a member, people get access to a wealth of resources, such as senior financial advisories, health benefits and insurance policies, vast discounts across most major services and businesses, and travel deals.

veterans affairsVeterans Administration - For those who have served in the military, the VA is a government agency dedicated to helping aging veterans manage their healthcare, get ongoing career training and enablement, get housing assistance, and much more. The VA has centers in practically every major city to give veterans access to medical attention as well.

Government Administration on Aging - The Administration of Aging was established by the Older Americans Act of 1965. Its intent is to offer services, programs, and resources to anyone 60 years or older in communities nationwide, including departments devoted to elder care and transportation, nutrition and health provisions, elder legal services, and community-based networking and welfare.

seniCenter for Health Care Strategies - While healthcare is a priority throughout people’s lives, it becomes even more so as they age, since they are plagued with a growing variety of illnesses, diseases, and chronic injuries that can impair their quality of life. The CHCS has partnered with every state to help develop inroads into publicly financed healthcare and deliver the best services to those in financial need. While not specifically geared toward senior citizens, a large portion of its demographic is older adults, who require this detailed attention due to the complexity of aging health profiles.

Older Americans Act - Spearheaded by the National Council on Aging, the Older Americans Act was created to fund the essential services that keep seniors as healthy, happy and productive members of the public. This includes job training centers, food delivery services, benefits enrollment, caregiver programs, and transportation services. In 2016, this act was reauthorized and signed into law, but is now up for reauthorization again. Those who would benefit from its continued existence and activity would do well to learn more about the process to reinstate its legal basis.

senior living magnolia manor georgiaHUD - Finding the right type of housing for a seniors can be tricky, and there are numerous options based on health needs, insurance coverages, and affordability. Hud.gov is an expansive network that provides critical information for seniors or their caretakers to help determine and secure the best housing arrangements.

Aid & Attendance - Alongside the general VA, Aid & Attendance is a benefit provided by to wartime vets and their spouses, ages 65 years or older. Any qualified veteran or spouse who needs assistance with daily living, such as bathing, dressing, meal prep, transportation, and other long-term care arrangements can find help through this program.

Again, this is just an initial sampling of the national programs and resources geared toward older adults. If you are looking for a program or resource geared toward a particular lifestyle demand or healthcare goal, the likelihood is that one exists.

At Magnolia Manor, we are more than happy to help you discover what resources are available. Whether you’re a senior yourself, or you’re contemplating options for a loved one, we can help. Please call us whenever you’re ready -- 1-855-540-LIFE (5433) -- and we’ll schedule an appointment to talk.

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