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August 5, 2020

Magnolia Manor COVID-19 update

Magnolia Manor Home Office, Americus, GA, August 5, 2020 –Magnolia Manor President and CEO Mark R. Todd reported that while the Americus Nursing Center has seen no new cases in nine weeks, the St. Simons Nursing Center and Midway campuses once again have new resident and staff cases.

“It’s no surprise these campuses continue to see increases because the counties in which they are located have had at least a forty percent increase in cases among the general population over the past two weeks. As we said previously, there is a direct correlation between the number of cases we experience in a facility and how widespread the virus is in the community.”

Chief Operating Officer Hill Fort reported that Magnolia Manor of Midway instituted precautions to protect residents who are not infected by temporarily sending thirteen to other facilities while the building is undergoing major renovations. This frees additional beds that could be used to create an expanded isolation ward in the event they are required.

“We can’t wait until they are needed to create special rooms for infected residents. That would be irresponsible. So, we have to plan as if we are going to need the space, even if we never do.”

Todd added, “Here’s an example of why it’s important to plan ahead. We continue to struggle with receiving timely test results. Residents at St. Simons were tested nine days ago, and we are still waiting for the results. If any of those come back positive, we would need isolation rooms for them. We just can’t wait until we need them to start preparing, so St. Simons already has space set aside—just in case.”

For the second week in a row, the Glynn and Liberty county campuses saw the only new resident cases in the organization that serves about 1,500 older adults daily in nine locations across South Georgia.

As experienced early in the pandemic at the Americus Nursing Center, a number of employees at the Midway campus resigned, creating staffing concerns. To address those concerns proactively, Magnolia Manor worked with the Georgia Healthcare Association’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Hannah Byers, to secure additional staff.

“We have remained adequately staffed, thanks to help from GHCA,” Fort continued. “They have also assisted with securing additional staffing resources for our St. Simons Nursing Center, and we are grateful for their assistance.”

“This illustrates the value of being connected to an association like this, as well as the importance of collaboration,” added Todd. “After all, it’s about doing what is best for our residents. They come first.”

Magnolia Manor reported that the only new employee cases are also at the St. Simons Nursing Center and Midway, which reported seven and three new cases respectively; and at the St. Marys campus, which reported one new employee infection.

The Americus Nursing Center has no known COVID-positive residents inhouse or hospitalized, and no employees have tested positive in the past week. Thirty-four residents have recovered, and eight died.

The Americus Retirement Center and the Mattie Marshall Memory Care program in Americus continue to report no resident or employee cases.

The Columbus East campus reported no new resident or employee cases this week. Thirty-three residents have recovered, and eight died from the virus.

At Columbus West, there have been no new resident or employee positives this week. Three residents continue to receive in-house care. Two residents have recovered, and one died.

At the Columbus Assisted Living program, there have been no new cases reported this week among either residents or employees.

Magnolia Manor’s Marion County campus has reported no new resident or employee cases in the past week. Five residents are receiving care in-house, and none are in the hospital. Eleven residents have now recovered. Since the outbreak hit the facility, and there have been three deaths.

Magnolia Manor South in Moultrie reports no campus residents or employees have tested positive this week. Seven residents previously tested positive. All were asymptomatic, and all have recovered.

Magnolia Manor on the Coast in Richmond Hill also reports no new resident or employee cases. Previously, one resident and two employees tested positive. The resident remained asymptomatic and has recovered.

The St. Simons Nursing Center has five newly identified resident cases, with one receiving care inhouse and seven hospitalized. Unfortunately, four residents have died from COVID-19. There have been seven new employee cases this week.

The St. Simons Assisted Living program reports no new positive resident or employee cases.

Magnolia Manor of St. Marys also has reported no new resident cases, but one employee tested positive this week.

The Midway campus in Liberty County reports eighteen new resident cases this week. Eleven are receiving care inhouse, and seven are hospitalized. One has already recovered after previously testing positive. There are three new employee cases this week, bringing to six the total number of employees to test positive.

Magnolia Manor’s Macon campus has once again reported no new resident or employee cases.

The organization has regularly reported that any staff with symptoms are placed on leave and must be cleared before returning to work. Residents testing positive receive care in a special campus quarantine unit to help control the spread. Strict infection control protocols are utilized across the organization, including the use of PPE.

Magnolia Manor continues to follow all guidelines recommended by the CDC, CMS and the Georgia Department of Public Health.

As a 501(c)(3) faith-based nonprofit, Magnolia Manor welcomes donations, which are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Headquartered in Americus, Georgia, Magnolia Manor is a faith-based, tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization affiliated by covenant with the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church. Magnolia Manor was established in 1959 and employs almost 1,000 staff who serve about 1,500 senior adults daily throughout South Georgia. Services at our nine locations are open to all persons, regardless of denominational affiliation. We provide various levels of care, including Independent Living, Catered Care, Personal Care, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitative Therapy and specialized Memory Care.

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