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Contact: Steve Vinson, Senior VP for Communications
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May 6, 2020

Magnolia Manor COVID-19 update

Magnolia Manor Home Office, Americus, GA, May 6, 2020

Magnolia Manor President and CEO Mark R. Todd reported that plans to open the newly renovated Unit 5 are now underway. Unit 6 rehab patients who have tested negative for COVID-19 are being relocated immediately to Unit 5, which will allow all of Unit 6 to become an isolation unit, should it become necessary.

All Unit 1 residents have now been tested for the virus, but results are not expected until early next week. Once those results are available, residents who test negative for COVID-19 will also relocate to Unit 5. Those who test positive will move to Unit 6. This will free up Unit 1 to undergo disinfection by the National Guard. Then, Piedmont Construction will begin extensive renovations to the facility.

“Last week, I reported that our goal is to test every resident and employee in the Nursing Center,” said Todd. “Since test kits are becoming more available, we have requested that our local Emergency Management Authority assist with obtaining tests for all staff. We have tested thirty-nine residents so far this week and are awaiting results. We still expect to see a spike in the number of cases because some residents and employees show absolutely no symptoms, but do have the disease.”

“That is one of the frustrating things about this virus:  some people never even know they have it, while others become seriously ill. How do you stay ahead of something like that?”

Todd added, “As we have done from the beginning, symptomatic residents continue to be isolated from the rest of our population, and employees remain off duty until receiving a confirmed negative test report.”

Meanwhile, Todd and COO Hill Fort explained that they continue to follow all guidelines recommended by the CDC, CMS and the Georgia Department of Public Health.

We have relaxed none of our protocols,” said Fort, “and don’t expect to any time soon.”

One of those protocols instituted almost two months ago was to close all Magnolia Manor campuses to visitors.

“Because older adults are especially vulnerable to this disease,” Fort reported, “we don’t know when we will re-open. Meanwhile, we urge family members to visit virtually with their loved ones.”

The organization has published contact information for residents on its Facebook page and on its website at www.magnoliamanor.com/news.

The Americus Nursing Center has identified only three new COVID-19 resident cases in the past week, all of whom were previously awaiting test results. Currently, thirteen residents are receiving care onsite in isolation, and three are in the hospital.

There continue to be no known resident cases at any other Magnolia Manor campus. Only the Americus Nursing and Retirement Centers, Columbus and the Marion Country campus have identified staff who are sick.

“I am sorry to report that we have lost a hospitalized Nursing Center resident to COVID-19.  Residents are members of our Magnolia Manor family, and our staff grieve just like biological families do,” said Todd. “We take a loss like this very personally.”

On a positive note, Todd reported that the organization’s first resident to have tested positive has now received two negative test reports after being in isolation on campus for the past three weeks and will return to a regular room next week.

And in more good news, Todd reported that only two Americus Nursing Center employees remain absent from work due to COVID-19.  All other Nursing Center employees have returned to work.

He indicated there is only one new employee infection at the Marion County campus in Buena Vista, and all other campuses report no new cases.

Headquartered in Americus, Georgia, Magnolia Manor is a faith-based, tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization affiliated by covenant with the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church. Magnolia Manor was established in 1959 and employs almost 1,000 staff who serve about 1,500 senior adults daily throughout South Georgia. Services at our nine locations are open to all persons, regardless of denominational affiliation. We provide various levels of care, including Independent Living, Catered Care, Personal Care, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitative Therapy and specialized Memory Care.

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