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Contact: Ty Kinslow, Senior VP for Communications
Telephone: 229.931.5925
Email: tkinslow@magnoliamanor.com
Website: www.magnoliamanor.com
September 23, 2020


“Outdoor visitation is preferred when possible given the lower risk of transmission due to increased space and airflow. If the facility is
undergoing an outbreak, outside visits may occur if the facility has staffing to support outbreak containment and observation of outside visits.
Outdoor visits are only for non-symptomatic and non-COVID positive residents”

Magnolia Manor Outdoor Visitation Implementation

      • Visits will be by appointment only. 
      • Visitors are limited to 2
      • Visits are set at 15 minutes to allow adequate time to clean and disinfect the visitation area between visits 
      • Each facility will determine how many visits may occur at one time to ensure adequate staffing for monitoring 
      • Staff will maintain visual observation but at a distance that allows for privacy of conversation between the resident and visitor
      • Visitors will be screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 at a screening location designated outside the building
      • Visitors must sign in, sign waiver of liability and provide contact information 
      • Residents and visitors must wear a mask.
      • Outdoor visitation spaces will be accessible to visitors without walking through the facility
      • Visitation spaces will support social distancing of at least 6 feet between the resident and visitor
      • Alcohol based hand rub will be provided to the visitors and staff will provide verbal reminders of correct use
      • Visitors are not engage in any physical contact during visits