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Contact: Steve Vinson
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April 15, 2020

Magnolia Manor Slows Spread

Magnolia Manor Home Office, Americus, GA, April 15, 2020 –Magnolia Manor President and CEO Mark R. Todd reported today that multiple efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in its Americus Nursing Center seem to be working.

“However, I expect the numbers to go up because we are testing more and finally getting earlier results back. Thankfully, at the same time, we are also growing our negative results.”

Currently, six residents who tested positive are being cared for in-house in our isolation unit. Four others are in the hospital. Five hospitalized residents who were presumed to be positive for the virus last week tested negative and have returned to their Magnolia Manor home. They are included in this latest count.

Three additional residents with minor symptoms never required hospitalization. Two of the three have now tested negative, and the other is awaiting results in self-isolation.

Other Magnolia Manor locations still have no identified positive cases among residents. “Of course, with this virus that can change in an instant,” said Todd. The Americus Retirement Center has one resident self-isolating in-house whose results are pending. All residents exhibiting symptoms that could be COVID-19 self-isolate in the facility as they await test results. “We have to assume they are positive until we know for certain they are not,” said Todd.

Sixteen Nursing Center employees have tested positive, and twelve of those are expected to return to work by Monday with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as an extra precaution and part of Magnolia Manor’s standard operating procedures during the pandemic. At the campus Retirement Center building, two employees have tested positive:  one of those has already recovered and will return to work on Monday.

The Columbus campus has one employee off work and in quarantine after testing positive, and one more is awaiting test results. Four others who presented some symptoms consistent with COVID-19 were cleared to return to work after testing. Three more have been out after self-isolating due to caring for a medically fragile family member, travel or other activities that might have put them at risk. Todd reported that this is another way the virus has taken a toll on Magnolia Manor’s workforce. “Even though employees are not infected, the reality of juggling a personal life with work does impact our people. I really feel for them.”

At the Marion County campus in Buena Vista, one employee is out due to a lack of childcare, and another is self-isolating after travel. A third returned to work after isolating following possible family exposure.

The Macon campus has one employee who has been self-isolating as a precaution after testing.

It has been taking a week to ten days to receive test results, but Todd indicated that Rapid Results tests have been ordered and should provide results within twenty-four hours. “These tests cost a lot more, but this is another way we are working to keep residents and staff safe.”   

“We are also grateful for the men and women of the National Guard who have been on our campuses to disinfect,” reported Todd. “Their work gives us all assurance that everything possible is being done to stop this virus. We know firsthand that these citizen soldiers are heroes, and we appreciate them more than words can express!”

Todd continued, “I believe our employees who work on the front lines of this virus every day are heroes too. They continue to amaze me with their compassion for and commitment to our residents.” He reported that someone recently placed two large banners on the Americus campus, and numerous yard signs at Magnolia Manor campuses across South Georgia expressing gratitude for the organization’s committed staff. “It really is true that not all heroes wear capes. Some wear uniforms and combat boots, and some of those also wear PPE and carry sprayers instead of guns. Hundreds more wear masks and work at Magnolia Manor. They are all fighting to defeat this virus, and we appreciate each and every one.”

Todd indicated that donations through the nonprofit organization’s charitable arm, The League of the Good Samaritan, are urgently needed to help fight the pandemic.

“We have made significant investments in supplies to keep our employees safe, as well as provided lots of overtime wages. Every gift makes a difference.”

Donations can be made by check, or by credit card on the organization’s website at https://www.magnoliamanor.com/donate/.

“As always, we will continue to communicate as we are able. Meanwhile, we really appreciate your prayers and understanding during this difficult time,” said Todd.

Visit Magnolia Manor online at www.magnoliamanor.com, or on Facebook or Instagram.

Headquartered in Americus, Georgia, Magnolia Manor is a faith-based, tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization affiliated by covenant with the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church. Magnolia Manor was established in 1959 and serves more than 1,500 senior adults daily throughout South Georgia. Services at our nine locations are open to all persons, regardless of denominational affiliation. We provide various levels of care, including Independent Living, Catered Care, Personal Care, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitative Therapy and specialized Memory Care.