Its About Living Your Best Life

Resident Life

At Magnolia Manor our art programs promote creative expression. Doing something creative is good for the overall health of our residents. Studies indicate seniors who are actively creative suffer less from depression, make three fewer doctor visits per year and take an average of two fewer medications than their less active counterparts.

Magnolia Manor



Embracing Life.


At Magnolia Manor

Arts & Culture

Magnolia Manor’s Renaissance Living embraces creativity through music, poetry, painting, writing, story telling and other fine arts. In addition, we offer opportunities such as foreign language classes, personal computer training, horticulture classes, reading groups and Elderhostel experiences.

Spiritual Care & Growth

Ministers, appointed to serve as chaplains, are led by Reverend John Walker. These chaplains offer pastoral care, support group care, services of worship and Bible study and many other spiritual growth opportunities on all campuses. In addition, our chaplains coordinate the volunteer involvement of community clergy and their various faith communities.

Health & Wellness

The Clarke W. Duncan Wellness Center on the Americus Campus greatly benefits Magnolia Manor residents, as well as older adults throughout the community. Wellness centers and fitness programs on other campuses keep all Magnolia Manor residents looking and feeling young and energetic!

Live a Full Life at Magnolia Manor.
Attend an Event or Schedule a Visit


We believe in Active Life here at Magnolia Manor. Whether that means working towards running a mile for the first time in a long time, or spending a relaxing Saturday fishing by the lake- we have you covered. Magnolia Manor also brings this mindset to its residents by keeping their calendars full of fun things to do with each other or family! Contact us to schedule a visit for an event to see how great life is at Magnolia Manor.


Enjoy delicious foods


We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise in taste when living at one of our 8 campuses. Our staff members prepare meals with love and our residents in mind. We can cater to dietary restrictions, allergies, preferences, and health needs. Let us take care of you and your tastes.
Stay Active while Growing Spirtiually

Social Activities

Here at Magnolia Manor we feel it is equally important to nourish your mind, soul, and body. Check out the various activities we offer.

Let Us Take Care of Everything.


At Magnolia Manor

Chaplain Services

Magnolia Manor offers pastoral care, support group care, services of worship and Bible study and many other spiritual growth opportunities. Our chaplains also coordinate the volunteer involvement of community clergy and their various faith communities.

Appointment Scheduling

There’s no need to spend any of your precious time on hold. We offer appointment scheduling services so that you can continue enjoying life at one of Magnolia Manor’s many social events. Simply contact one of our staff members and we’ll be happy to help.

Dining Services

Our culinary professionals create three nutritious meals a day. Some of our campuses provide homestyle meals “just like mom used to make” while others cater to a more refined palate. Regardless of your taste preferences, Magnolia Manor’s dining services will leave you hungry for more.


Unable to continue cleaning your living space? Our professional housekeeping staff would be happy to clean for you. We believe in cleaning thoroughly and tailored to your specific needs.


For once in your life, don’t worry about the laundry! Our staff at Magnolia Manor is here to fulfill your needs. Tired of having to wash, dry and fold everything in your laundry hamper? We have laundry services to reduce your workload which allows for more free time to explore one of our state of the art facilities.


We have qualified maintenance technicians that repair household kitchen appliances, washers, dryers, and HVAC issues in a time efficient manner.

24/7 Staffing

Your safety and comfort are our paramount concern. That is why our Magnolia Manor campuses are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to having staff available to provide personal care, we also have a 24 hour emergency response system.


Need to see your beautician for your weekly wash and set? Or maybe you want to go to the grocery store to buy your favorite brand of coffee? Not a problem. At Magnolia Manor we provide trips to town weekly.