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Magnolia Manor Blog

Senior Living Wellness Programs

Posted by Magnolia Manor on
February 16, 2021


One of the many benefits of senior living at Magnolia Manor’s Americus campus is our Wellness Center. Opened in 2000, this gathering place for the exercise-minded has been a very popular and busy place. Until COVID-19 came around, that is. It’s not that we’re no longer interested in staying fit, it’s that keeping the gym, pools, and class spaces open just isn’t possible now.


We have every intention of re-opening the Wellness Center as soon as we can, so let’s see what everyone has to look forward to. We talked to Jeni Hixon, our Wellness Center Director, to get the inside scoop.

A Perk for Residents, Staff, and the Greater Community

The Wellness Center functions much like any public fitness center – it’s open every day, though with certain opening and closing hours. Some folks make appointments, others just drop in. Inside, visitors can take advantage of a wealth of options. There’s a weight room, cardio equipment, and three pools (yes, they’re all heated). You can work out independently or with a personal trainer.

americus poolThe lap pool is great for swimmers and water aerobics. The therapy pool has a gently inclined walk-in feature for easy access. And there’s a whirlpool. Ahhhhh. The Wellness Center also has a sauna. More ahhhhhh.

Membership is free to all our residents and staff – our way of stressing the importance of good physical health and making it convenient to exercise. We welcome anyone 45 or older from the Americus area who wants to join us, though they do have to pay a membership fee.

Everyone must officially sign up, says Jeni. This is important for residents, because we require a doctor’s consent for them. The docs are provided a list of all the options available at the Wellness Center, so they can make specific recommendations for their patients and also know any personal limitations.

Jeni says that lots of residents love the whirlpool and sauna, but prolonged exposure to that heat can be detrimental to certain health conditions. So, as much as you might want to linger, if your doctor says 5 minutes max, then that’s it.

ExerciseBuilding a Healthy Mind and Spirit as well as Body

The Wellness Center offers lots of classes, too. Things like yoga and step aerobics. In the past, we even offered line dancing. Maybe we’ll do that again. Yoga offers multiple advantages because it is proven to relieve stress and calm the spirit as well as stretch muscles, build strength, and improve balance.

Convenience and People Like You

Having a Wellness Center right here on our Magnolia Manor campus makes it convenient for residents and staff to take advantage of the benefits. Independent living residents can walk over or carpool. Assisted Living residents can walk or take the shuttle bus at scheduled times. Walking itself is excellent exercise. Staff can pop in before or after work, or perhaps even on their lunch break.

Inside, one of the features our residents especially appreciate is that the atmosphere is quieter than most public gyms. No loud clanking, no intimidatingly fit audience, no raucous music. Mind you, we do have music, but Jeni makes selections based on the age group on hand.

lady walkingMeanwhile, We Aren’t Just Sitting Around

Now that the Wellness Center is temporarily closed, Jeni has turned her attention to keeping Assisted Living residents mentally and physically fit. She leads walking groups indoors, or outside if the weather is good, and she leads Tai Chi classes. Like yoga, Tai Chi’s slow movements and deep breathing benefit the mind, body, and spirit. Plus, it is not weight-bearing so it’s a good choice for many residents. For mental exercise, there’s socially-distanced bingo, charades, and storytelling.

She also spends time with residents of the Mattie Marshall Memory Care Center. Jeni says the residents just love getting out of their rooms to move around. Exercise gives dementia patients a positive sense of being together, and music has a “settling” effect. They’re good sports, too – laughing with one another when their moves aren’t exactly just-right.

We’re feeling good about our health and well-being, but we’ll be even happier when the Wellness Center opens once again.

Senior Wellness at Magnolia Manor
Each resident’s total well-being is nurtured with opportunities for them to take part in a variety of physical, social, and spiritual activities. Residents of Magnolia Manor Americus thrive in our nurturing environment. If you'd like to learn more about Senior Living at Magnolia Manor, feel free to contact us at 855-540-5433.

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