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Having the Talk

It's About Living

Your Life.

Transitions in life can be tough, talking about them can be even tougher. Let us help you navigate these tricky waters with our resources below.


Helpful Guide

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  • Pray. We firmly suggest you prayerfully consider your options and decision before moving forward. What is the best kind of facility for your parent? Where will they grow and experience abundant life?
  • Be at rest. Don’t go into the conversation stressed about your bills, trying to plan dinner, and also worrying what the outcome of your talk will be. Resolve anything you can and go into the conversation relaxed, refreshed, and with a positive mind.
  • Have a dialogue. Don’t plan on being the only party talking in this conversation. Allow your loved one to express any concerns or thoughts. Remember how you would want to be treated in this delicate situation.
  • Manage your expectations. Don’t expect for this to be a one time conversation. Allow yourself to leave it unresolved if need be. Don’t expect your loved one to immediately be on board. This may be a conversation that takes months.