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Magnolia Manor Blog

6 Senior Housing Myths

Posted by Magnolia Manor on
April 20, 2020

senior living myths

When you hear the phrase “senior housing,” you get a mental picture of what that might be like. Some conjure up images of the worst nursing home they can imagine and think that’s what senior living is like. But does your impression match up with reality? Many people – including seniors themselves – have never seen a senior living community first hand, so they have only assumptions to go by. All too often, those assumptions are based on myths and misconceptions. The truth about senior housing might surprise you – a lot.

Today’s senior living communities have so much to offer to so many older adults! So let’s expose those old myths for what they are – just plain wrong.

senior living myths1. Senior housing feels institutional

Of Magnolia Manor’s none communities throughout Georgia, we offer independent living at six and assisted living at seven. The settings, residential units, and common facilities differ by location, but all of them are comprehensively lovely, inviting and homey. From villas to apartments, private living spaces are yours to furnish and personalize – after all, it’s your home.

And the food! Nothing could be less “institutional” than our chefs’ daily regional menus that feature fresh, scrumptious meals and treats.

senior living magnolia manor georgia2. Senior housing is for “old folks”

Heck, no! Many active seniors are deliberately “giving up” their big, empty nests and all the associated work and expense in favor of independent living communities that cater to their every desire when it comes to comfort, convenience and a long list of activities to indulge in. The average age for newcomers in our Independent Living program is 67. That’s still YOUNG! At Magnolia Manor, our residents range in age from 62 on up, and they bring a diversity of backgrounds and interests that keep each of our communities lively and engaging.

senior living magnolia manor georgia3. I will lose my independence

Just the opposite! The entire point of assisted living is to ensure maximum independence for every individual. You can get help with a task or two, as needed, and go on about your day as you want. At our Americus and Richmond Hill campuses, we also offer a transitional type of service we call Personal Care, which provides limited assistance to independent living residents.

Some of our communities also offer specialized services such as memory care, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing. If your needs change as you age, you won’t have to leave the Magnolia Manor family to get the care you need.

senior living magnolia manor georgia4. I will miss my neighbors

If you move to a senior community nearby, it will be easy for friends and neighbors to visit, and they will be more than welcome. They can join you in your own private living space or accompany you to community activities on-campus or in town. If you move to a senior community far away from where you live now, of course, you will miss your old neighborhood. Still, you’ll meet all sorts of new neighbors and friends as you take advantage of the wealth of recreational, educational, social, or spiritual activities available in our communities.

senior living magnolia manor georgia5. It’s too expensive

When you first look at the cost of senior housing, it does seem high. But then you realize the fee covers a wide range of expenses that you pay separately as a homeowner or renter. When you add up the cost of housing plus taxes, insurance, repairs and general upkeep, and whatever you’re paying for help with chores or personal living tasks, the numbers compare differently. And when you consider that senior housing may also include laundry, housekeeping, and meals, as well as assistance with activities of daily living, it can be much more affordable than you imagined.

senior living magnolia manor georgia6. It’s too early to think about senior housing

The best time to start thinking about future needs is while you’re healthy because you have time to explore your options and make the best decisions. Waiting until you have to move puts undue pressure on you and your family and eliminates options.

Let’s talk soon. Call us at 855-540-5433 to discuss your options so we can show you just how great senior living can be when you live at a Magnolia Manor community.

senior living explained

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