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10 Biggest Myths of Grief

Posted by Magnolia Manor on
September 24, 2019

Loss is part of the circle of life, and grief is a natural response to losing a loved one. Sadly, there are many misconceptions about grief that can make it harder to allow yourself the time and space you need to grieve in your own way. Rather than feeling pressured to conform to someone else’s idea of how to grieve, we need to remember that this is an intimately personal experience and process.

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Topics: FAQs, Coping

How to Avoid Caregiver Fatigue

Posted by Magnolia Manor on
August 21, 2019

Taking care of a senior loved one can be emotionally and physically draining. When pushed to an extreme, caregiver fatigue and burnout can even cause serious physical issues!

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Topics: Coping

Generation Bridging: The Importance of the Grandparent and Grandchild Relationship

Posted by Magnolia Manor on
August 07, 2019

For many of us, childhood memories are filled with recollections of Sundays with Grandma and Grandpa going out for ice cream, visiting a baseball game, or simply hearing stories and playing at home.

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Topics: Socialization, Coping

Is Mom just being forgetful or showing early signs of dementia?

Posted by Magnolia Manor on
June 04, 2019

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, and while many of us probably prefer not to think about Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other afflictions of the brain, this is an important topic that affects millions of us each year. In fact, dementia affects 47 million people around the globe.

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Topics: Alzheimers, Memory Care, Dementia, Coping

What is senior rehabilitation care?

Posted by Magnolia Manor on
April 16, 2019

When considering the care and health of our senior loved ones, there are many different options and terms to review and consider. Here at Magnolia Manor, we serve senior adults in southern Georgia for many of their health and wellness needs. Most prominently, our eight senior living communities offer varying levels of residential care.

One of our most important senior care services, however, is senior rehabilitation care.

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Topics: Rehabilitation, Senior Safety, Coping

Important Signs of a Reputable Senior Living Community

Posted by Magnolia Manor on
March 14, 2019

There are so many emotions running through your mind when you prepare to help Mom or Dad move into senior living. While you’re processing this important move for your loved one, finding a reputable senior living community is a massive responsibility. Ensuring the highest level of care is your chief priority!

With so much information available online and off, it can be difficult to know what information is truly important when making a decision about senior living communities.

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Topics: FAQs, Senior Planning, Senior Safety, Coping

Avoid the winter blues, move to Georgia!

Posted by Magnolia Manor on
February 14, 2019

This time of year, depending on where you live, can be brutal. Snow, frigid temperatures, and icy conditions are not only a nuisance - they are potentially risky. This is especially true for seniors.

Here at Magnolia Manor, we have a very simple solution for seniors who are struggling to get through the rough winters:

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Topics: Cost of Senior Living, Socialization, Senior Planning, Senior Safety, Coping

How to Gently Get Mom or Dad to Hand Over The Car Keys for Good

Posted by Magnolia Manor on
January 16, 2019

Maybe Mom or Dad has had some vision or cognitive problems lately. Or perhaps you’ve noticed a parent missing traffic signals, weaving, becoming aggressive with the horn, or other concerning behaviors. Has your parent been involved in one or more accidents? Have they hit the gas instead of the brake? Are there dents or scrapes on their car? The signs are there, plain as day:

It’s time for Mom or Dad to hand over the car keys for good.

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Topics: Senior Driving, FAQs, Senior Planning, Senior Safety, Coping

You Can Still Enjoy the Holidays With Your Family

Posted by Magnolia Manor on
December 18, 2018


Moving into senior living is a major transition that impacts more than your day-to-day life. Until the holiday season sneaks up on you, thinking about the holidays and how to be with family may not spring to mind. Yet, it’s an important consideration for seniors who are considering or have made the move into senior living.

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Topics: Holidays, FAQs, Gift Ideas, Mothers Day, Senior Planning, Coping

Fun and easy ways for seniors to decorate for the holidays

Posted by Magnolia Manor on
December 11, 2018


Moving into senior living brings with it many freedoms: freedom from housework, grocery shopping, home repairs and so much more.

One element that you might be afraid of missing after moving into senior living; however, is decorating for the holidays.

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Topics: Holidays, Gift Ideas, Senior Planning, Residents, Coping